Delivered In Full On Time” (DIFOT): Why it Matters?


In the procurement world, DIFOT means that a supplier has delivered all its committed shipments on or before the agreed-upon delivery date.

DIFOT is an acronym for “Delivered in Full On Time”

DIFOT is an acronym for “Delivered in Full On Time.” DIFOT is a critical part of any organization’s procurement strategy, as it ensures that you receive the products or services you need on time and at the agreed-upon cost.

The benefits of DIFOT include the following: 

  • Streamlining procurement processes.
  • Reducing the risk of late delivery or non-delivery.
  • Limiting the need for inventory management and stock levels.
  • Lowering costs associated with ordering, receiving, and managing products or services.

Why is DIFOT important?


DIFOT is a key component of a successful supply chain. Both customers and suppliers need to understand the importance of DIFOT, as it helps ensure that the entire supply chain works together to meet customer needs on time and at the agreed-upon price.

DIFOT helps suppliers be more efficient by allowing them to control their costs while also making sure they can provide their products at the right time and place when needed by customers with minimal risk or waste along their journey through transportation networks or distribution centers (DCs).

What does DIFOT mean for suppliers?

DIFOT means that the supplier has to deliver their goods or services in full on time. This is important for the following reasons:

  • It can help suppliers increase sales by meeting customers’ expectations and increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals.
  • It can help retain customers by giving them a good experience they will likely tell others about (positive word-of-mouth). This will also encourage repeat business from existing clients and new ones who hear about your service’s greatness!
  • A reputation for reliability may mean you’re more likely to win contracts against competitors with less reliable services or products.
  • Delivering on time helps reduce costs associated with late deliveries, such as having extra staff working overtime or paying penalties for late delivery if there’s been no prior agreement between parties beforehand.

What does DIFOT mean for customers?

Customers should expect DIFOT from their suppliers. It’s a sign of trust, reliability, and an indication that the supplier can meet their needs. So if you’re looking for a reliable partner in the manufacturing industry, make sure they can offer this service!

DIFOT can help organizations receive the full value of their supply chain


DIFOT is a critical part of any organization’s procurement strategy and ensures that suppliers deliver on time, which helps them to reduce costs and improve productivity.

DIFOT also helps organizations to identify potential risks, such as late deliveries or poor-quality products. By improving visibility into their supply chains, they can avoid these problems before they happen.

DIFOT is a critical part of any organization’s procurement strategy

DIFOT is a way to measure the quality of the supply chain and an important way to measure the value of that supply chain and iis measured as a ratio: Deliveries made in full on time (DIFOT) divided by total orders placed or forecasted during a given period.

In Conclusion

DIFOT is an important part of any organization’s procurement strategy. It can help organizations receive the full value of their supply chain and ensure the timely delivery of goods and services. By understanding what DIFOT means and how it relates to your organization’s goals, you can better decide where to invest in your supply chain infrastructure or staff training programs.

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