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Natural Aqua

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  • Healthy Composition
  • Chemical Control
  • Ecological Sources
  • Good For Every Day
  • Good For Every Day
  • Quality Certificates
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Chemical Composition

5-12 mg/dm

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2-5 mg/dm

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20-25 mg/dm

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~46 mg/dm

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90-140 mg/dm

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Healthy Life
is Water Quality

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  • Strong Immunity
  • Good Degistion
  • Feeling Great

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

We have been using Apollo for over 5 years now and my only regret is not switching to Apollo sooner.  From day one Apollo has proven to be a trusted partner providing punctual and accurate deliveries along with an intimate understanding of our business needs.  Working with Apollo has been seamlessness and supportive, freeing up time for me and my staff to focus on what we do best.  While it took some time to find a courier company that specialized in medical logistics, Apollo became an obvious choice with their track record of success and understanding of all that is involved in transporting sensitive specimens and medications for our patients..

Lab Manager

First time user for a local pickup and delivery. I placed the order by phone and got a very helpful, friendly service, Payman was super friendly and helpful. The order was delivered not only within the contracted time but super early. Thanks!.

Nicole Hamilton

We use Apollo Couriers to assist with deliveries for our clients, and we have had absolutely no issues with the same-day pickups. They are always helpful in confirming all the information over the phone and picking up and delivering our client's packages. We received wonderful feedback from our client as well, especially regarding the level of professionalism, which has made us comfortable with using them for all our delivery needs and representing our company..

Navid Noor
CEO, PurpleZ

Very helpful and the delivery was delivered on time! I have been using the services for 4 years and will be using it for many more!!! Mike handled my last order and he was very patient and cooperative. Definitely will recommend to everyone I know!.

Sherie Macfarland
Company Owner

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