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Want to become a courier? Then, you should take a look at Apollo Couriers. We are one of the US’s leading courier companies, offering extensive services nationwide. Our expert staff can help you find the right job for your skills and experience level, whether working in our OBC department or testing out a new industry. Read on if you want to become an onboard courier.

What is an Onboard Courier (OBC)?

An onboard courier (OBC) is a courier service that provides onboard delivery services. OBC can deliver packages, documents, and other items between airports or cities. It’s different from regular couriers because it has been designed specifically for use on commercial aircraft.

How do you become an onboard courier?

To become an onboard courier, you will need to:

  • Apply to be a courier.
  • Complete a training program.
  • Be willing to travel, have a valid driver’s license, a clean criminal history, and be at least 18 years old.

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Additionally, you should have access to a smartphone with a data plan to complete online training modules and communicate with customers over the app or phone call when necessary.

Requirements to Become an Onboard Courier

You must be at least 18 years old and have a current driver’s license to work as an onboard courier. A clean driving record is also required, with no more than three moving offenses in the previous three years.

You must lift up to 70 pounds during your shift and walk constantly throughout the day. This job requires you to communicate effectively in English to work with customers over the phone or via email/chat platforms (such as Skype). Finally, all candidates must pass a background check before beginning work for a courier company.

Specialized OBC Training

We know that you’re excited to get started, but there are some things you should know before starting your OBC career.

First and foremost, we want to ensure that our couriers understand the importance of being on time and delivering their shipments promptly. We offer unique training sessions for all new hires to help them better grasp how to operate inside our system (and earn more money! ), in order to make sure that this occurs. These classes cover topics such as:

  • Understanding Courier Guidelines
  • Handling Time-Sensitive Shipments

Application Process

The application process is simple. You can apply online or in person at any of our offices worldwide. The time it takes to complete your application depends on your location and whether you choose to submit it in person or online:

  • Online applications take about 10 minutes to complete but may take up to 24 hours for processing.
  • In-person applications can be completed within 15 minutes if you provide all necessary supporting documents at submission (such as proof of identity). If not, this will add 30 minutes to your visit with us because we’ll need to verify these documents before we can accept them as part of our processing requirements.

Onboarding with Apollo Couriers

To become an onboard courier, you must complete a training program.

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This program is offered in person. After completing the training course, you will be eligible to begin working as an onboard courier on our platform.

What does a courier do? An average day for a courier employee looks like this: You’ll start by reviewing your schedule for that day’s deliveries – including information about where and when each delivery needs to be made – before heading out into town with your package(s).

Once at the location of your first stop, it’s time to connect with the recipient over video call so they can verify who you are (and ensure everything looks okay). Once everything checks out okay with them and their package has been delivered safely into their hands, it’s time for another trip!

Understanding Courier Guidelines

The courier guidelines are your road map to becoming a courier. They outline the requirements, processes, and procedures required by all couriers. These guidelines help us understand the process of becoming a courier with Apollo Couriers to ensure customers receive the best possible service.

Handling Time-Sensitive Shipments

Time-sensitive shipments are packages that have a strict timeline for delivery.

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This can be due to the cargo’s nature or because it must arrive at its destination by a certain time, such as a package that needs to reach its recipient before they leave on vacation. If you do not deliver these shipments on time, there could be dire consequences for both you and your client.

The best way to ensure you can handle time-sensitive shipments correctly is by tracking them throughout their journey with Apollo Couriers.

Professional Development

If you’re looking to become a professional courier, several things are required. First, you will need to get your license.

This can be done through the government or by an accredited institution like Apollo Couriers. You will also need some formal training for your application for employment as an onboard courier to be approved by our team here at Apollo Couriers.


The future looks bright for the courier industry, and it’s a great time to start your career in this exciting field. If you’re looking for a job that offers flexibility and variety, becoming an onboard courier might be right for you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Apollo Couriers.


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