Cryogenic Transportation for Medical Specimens

At Apollo Couriers, we specialize in safe and efficient cryogenic transportation, ensuring the secure delivery of medical specimens to B2B businesses. Our services prioritize reliability, precision, and professionalism.

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How It Works

Our process is simple and efficient. Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Specialized Packaging

Our team meticulously packages medical specimens in state-of-the-art cryogenic containers, maintaining their integrity and temperature throughout transportation.


Step 2

Customized Routing

Utilizing advanced logistics, we plan customized routes to guarantee timely deliveries of medical specimens, prioritizing efficiency and security.


Step 3

Temperature Monitoring

We employ cutting-edge technology to monitor and maintain optimal cryogenic temperatures, ensuring the integrity of medical specimens at every stage of transit.


Step 4

Expert Handling

Our skilled team is extensively trained in the handling and transportation of cryogenic containers, ensuring the utmost care and security of medical specimens.


Apollo Couriers Services

Our Advantages

We pride ourselves on our commitment to timely deliveries, ensuring reliability and precision for our clients’ needs.

Our strict adherence to protocols ensures the utmost security and integrity of medical specimens throughout the transportation process.

Our experienced team operates in compliance with industry standards, ensuring the safe and compliant transportation of medical specimens.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Services

We offer consistent, dependable, and efficient transportation solutions, customized to meet the unique requirements of your business.


Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients’ needs by offering personalized, customer-centric services, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind.


State-of-the-Art Technology

We leverage advanced technology to ensure the secure, efficient, and monitored transportation of medical specimens, maintaining their integrity throughout the journey.


What is Cryogenic Transportation?

Cryogenic transportation involves the use of extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C (-238°F), to preserve and transport biological samples. This method relies on the properties of substances in their cryogenic state, such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice, to maintain the specimens in a frozen or extremely cold condition throughout the journey.

The Role of Apollo Couriers

Apollo Couriers stands out as a leader in providing specialized cryogenic transportation services for medical specimens. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team of experts, Apollo Couriers ensures the utmost care and precision in handling sensitive biological materials.

The significance of cryogenic transportation in the medical field cannot be overstated. It offers several advantages over conventional methods:

Cryogenic temperatures prevent degradation, ensuring the specimens reach their destination intact and maintain their biological properties.

By keeping specimens at extremely low temperatures, cryogenic transport extends the viability and usability of these materials, crucial for various medical procedures and research.

Cryogenic transport systems provide precise temperature control, minimizing fluctuations that could compromise specimen quality.

How Cryogenic Transportation Works

The process begins with meticulous packaging of the specimens in specialized containers designed to withstand ultra-low temperatures. These containers are then filled with cryogenic substances such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice, creating an environment that maintains the required temperature.

Our Testimonials

Dr. Johnson praises Apollo Couriers for being a reliable partner in their business, highlighting the consistent and dependable service provided..

Dr. Johnson

Dr. Smith highly recommends Apollo Couriers for their impeccable service, emphasizing the reliability and professionalism experienced..

Dr. Smith

We have been using Apollo for over 5 years now and my only regret is not switching to Apollo sooner.  From day one Apollo has proven to be a trusted.

Lab Manager

First time user for a local pickup and delivery. I placed the order by phone and got a very helpful, friendly service, Payman was super friendly and helpful. The order.

Nicole Hamilton


What Is Cryogenic Transportation for Medical Specimens?

Cryogenic transportation involves the use of extremely low temperatures to transport medical specimens, such as tissues, cells, blood, or other biological materials, in a frozen state. This ensures their preservation and integrity during transit.

Why Choose Apollo Couriers for Cryogenic Specimen Transportation?

Apollo Couriers are experts in handling cryogenic transportation with precision and reliability. Our specialized containers and trained professionals ensure safe, temperature-controlled transport, maintaining the integrity of medical specimens throughout the journey.

What Types of Medical Specimens Can Be Transported via Cryogenic Services?

Apollo Couriers can transport various medical specimens, including stem cells, genetic materials, vaccines, blood components, and tissue samples. Our services accommodate a wide range of biological materials crucial for medical research and treatment.

How Are the Specimens Kept at the Required Temperature During Transportation?

We employ state-of-the-art cryogenic containers and systems specifically designed to maintain the desired low temperatures. These containers are equipped with temperature-monitoring technology to ensure constant preservation during transit.

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