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Due to the growing popularity of medical couriers, they’ve become a hot business topic. Should you hire one? Invest in one? So many questions asked but few answered correctly. As a well-established medical courier, Apollo Couriers understands that common assumptions about medical courier services are more often fiction rather than fact. This is due to many people offering advice about them without being associated with them. So, before you believe any of that, let’s discuss some common myths you’ve probably heard.

Now that we have your attention, let us tell you how!

For every referral you recommend, Apollo will pay you:

  • $50 upon completion of orientation
  • $100 upon completion of 60 days of employment

Simple as that…you help a family member or friend find a job and you get paid!

What sets medical couriers apart from other courier services is that their job is more than mere transportation. Since handling medical items requires following professional protocols and guidelines, punctuality, reliability, and excellent routing and directional skills are essential qualities of a medical courier. 

Hospitals, laboratories, care facilities, pharmacies, and medical offices deal with the people’s wellness, and thus running smoothly is of great essence for them. These institutes need routine pickups and deliveries of medical equipment, biological materials, pharmaceutical supplies, and sensitive documents. Still, they have to do it cost-effectively to run their business. 

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