Dedicated Fleet Solutions

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Many companies have a fleet of vehicles. They must be maintained and repaired if they break down, but also driven so they can be used for longer periods.

That’s where the dedicated fleet solutions team at Apollo Couriers comes in. We ensure your vehicles are regularly looked after and keep you updated on their condition so that you can decide when it is time to replace them.

We provide this service through our expert engineers, who have years of experience dealing with different makes and models of cars and vans.

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    What we offer

    We offer the following:

    Dedicated fleets:

    You can decide how much time you want a driver on your account.

    Driver utilization rating:

    We track the total amount of time each driver spends on your account (whereas other companies only measure miles driven) so that you know just how much money is being saved through our services.

    Third-party audits:

    We conduct random audits of our drivers to ensure they drive professionally and safely.

    24/7 customer service:

    We have a dedicated support team available to answer your demands.

    Advanced communications solutions

    You can get started with a dedicated fleet solution by contacting one of our representatives and discussing your needs, including what type of service you are interested in.

    We will work with you to create a custom package for your organization’s unique needs and budget.

    A dedicated fleet solution is beneficial because it allows companies to take advantage of specialized services without worrying about other factors, such as labor costs.

    Cost reduction

    We reduce the total cost of our fleet management solutions in many ways, including:

    Reducing fuel costs:

    A well-maintained and properly tuned vehicle is less likely to break down, saving you money on maintenance and insurance.

    Reducing maintenance costs:

    An efficient fleet of vehicles that are well maintained will save your business in the long run by providing a more reliable service at lower costs.

    Reducing repair costs:

    A well-maintained vehicle will require fewer repairs than one that has been poorly looked after, which can also lead to increased safety for your drivers as they won’t need to worry about whether or not their car will start when they’re late for work!

    Reducing insurance premiums due to reduced risk of injury claims from accidents involving poorly maintained vehicles (or if an accident does occur).

    Risk management

    If you’re looking for a way to manage risk, we can help. Our fleet management solutions can help you reduce the risk associated with damage to your fleet, the environment, and your reputation.

    By tracking vehicles and drivers in real-time, our team helps you meet customer expectations and your own regarding the delivery of goods or services.

    Service improvement

    Dedicated fleet solutions can help you provide a more reliable service, giving you the flexibility and capacity to respond to customer demands.

    This can increase customer satisfaction, which will lead to higher profits.

    Common types of dedicated fleet solutions

    Dedicated fleets are often used for specific purposes, including:

    • Delivery fleets
    • Towing fleets
    • Construction fleets
    • Government fleets (Law enforcement and military)

    How do dedicated fleet solutions work?

    There are four ways to utilize a dedicated fleet solution.

    The first is leasing, which involves paying a monthly fee with no long-term commitment or responsibility for maintenance and repair costs.

    Leases usually last between three and five years and require an upfront payment to cover the vehicle purchase cost, but they can also be paid off over time in installments.

    The second option is buying a vehicle outright (purchasing; This means you own your car without further financial obligations after purchasing it.

    The third option involves renting cars from rental agencies on an hourly basis whenever needed instead of owning one yourself at all times—an ideal choice if you don’t often drive enough or want some mobility without having to deal with upkeep tasks.

    How can I get started with dedicated fleet solutions?

    To get started, contact one of our dedicated fleet professionals. They’ll help you learn more about our solutions and how they can benefit your business. You can also request a quote online by clicking this link.

    Choose Apollo Couriers for your fleet solutions!

    When you lease a dedicated fleet, you’re investing in your business. You want to ensure that investment is secure and delivers the efficiency and cost savings you need to stay competitive. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs. With so much expertise behind us, we can help ensure that your dedicated fleet will be ready for any challenge it encounters on the road ahead.

    Get started with Apollo Couriers dedicated fleet solutions today!

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