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How to Order a Package

To order a package pickup and delivery, simply do the following;

  1.  Click on Order / Track – Select Your City
  2.  Enter in your username and password that we have provided you
  3.  If it’s your first time, enter in the package PICKUP address
  4.  Locate the Delivery address, or enter in the shipping address
  5.  Select your type of delivery service
  6.  Enter in the weight of the package
  7.  Click submit, and you are done!

When you place an order with Apollo, you will be provided with a tracking Id #. You can use this number to identify the status of your shipment by simply following the below instructions –

  1. Click on Order / Track – Select Your City
  2. Locate the Tracking # box
  3.  Enter in the tracking # your received when placing an order, and that’s it. The status will be displayed.
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