rush delivery service

Rush delivery service: What is it and is it worth it?

If you need something fast, the rush delivery service is for you. This can be a great option if you need to get a birthday present off your child's wish list yesterday or take advantage of a hot sale item that might be out of stock for months. In this article, we'll go over everything from how much extra it costs to whether the service is worth it! What is it, and how does it work? Rush Delivery Service is a service …
same day delivery

7 Reasons For Using Same Day Delivery Service in 2023

Same day delivery is a convenient and practical way to get items to customers in a short amount of time. Not only will this service provide your customers with the ability to get their purchases when they need them but it can also help increase sales and customer loyalty. This article will cover some of the best reasons why you should consider offering same day delivery options at your business. What are the Benefits of Same Day Delivery? Same day delivery is …
courier services

How Do Courier Services Work?

Courier services have become an essential part of the business that anyone can take advantage of. A courier service is the fastest way to send packages and documents quickly while saving time and money. Anyone needing to ship items from one place to another can use courier services. This is because many different types of courier services depending on what you need. How Does Courier Delivery Work? Courier services are a type of delivery service that you can use to ship items …

Delivered In Full On Time” (DIFOT): Why it Matters?

In the procurement world, DIFOT means that a supplier has delivered all its committed shipments on or before the agreed-upon delivery date. DIFOT is an acronym for "Delivered in Full On Time" DIFOT is an acronym for "Delivered in Full On Time." DIFOT is a critical part of any organization's procurement strategy, as it ensures that you receive the products or services you need on time and at the agreed-upon cost. The benefits of DIFOT include the following:  Streamlining procurement processes. Reducing the risk of …
contactless delivery

What is Contactless Delivery? Definitive Guide in 2023

Contactless delivery is a fast and convenient way to get your packages delivered. In 2023, more and more eCommerce companies will opt for this shipping method because it saves customers time, money, and effort. It also offers benefits such as tracking numbers, signature confirmation, and real-time updates, making the process easier. What is Contactless Delivery? Contactless delivery is a new way to deliver goods to customers. It uses a small device attached to an item, such as a smartphone or backpack, and …
last mile delivery tracking

Benefits of Apollo Couriers’ Last Mile Delivery Tracking

For many businesses, the last mile is critical to their logistics and supply chain processes. The last mile of a delivery route is the final leg, taking goods from a warehouse or distribution center to their destination. This crucial stage of the supply chain is the last opportunity for businesses to ensure their customers efficiently receive their items. This can be challenging for any business; however, Apollo Couriers has developed an innovative solution that helps our clients in this area by providing …

Why Choose a Temperature Controlled Courier for Medical Logistics?

The medical sector has witnessed an immense sales increase after the COVID-19 pandemic for various physical ailments. And it was observed all across the globe.  Every time a situation calls for an upgrade, the dedicated sectors work towards achieving it. So, with the high demand for medicines and specimen testing, the medical logistics had to be more responsive and advanced to cope with it.  Therefore, temperature controlled courier facilities were introduced. It is important to timely deliver the necessary medications and specimens to different …
what is a local courier facility

What is a Local Courier Facility and Its Mission In 2023?

What is a local courier facility, you ask? A local courier facility is a service-based business that receives and forwards the shipment of packages from one region to another. The boxes are small and large. Furthermore, the local courier facility will cater to small, medium, and large-scale businesses. The local courier will sometimes package individual or bulk items. However, the boxes carrying sensitive items may occasionally be unwrapped before shipping to the customer. When we talk about local courier facility, it …
What is on demand courier service & how does it work?

What is on-demand courier service & how does it work

Customers are the heart of any company, no matter the sector in which it operates. If a buyer makes an online purchase, they hope it will arrive quickly and undamaged. Several e-commerce businesses are testing different delivery methods to keep their customers returning. Sometimes the estimated delivery dates are not convenient for the buyer. Currently, logistics companies, including messenger services, are experimenting with new methods to meet their clients’ needs better. You can't keep a corporation surviving in today's competitive market …
Legal Courier Service

How to Choose a Reliable Legal Courier Service in California

Choosing a reliable legal courier service is vital for the safe and prompt delivery of your legal documents. Legal papers like court papers, contracts, legal tenders, and passports are very sensitive and must not be left in the wrong hands. Legal courier services partner with law firms and lawyers to pick up and deliver these documents to the said personnel. Are they the same as other courier delivery services? No, they are not. Legal courier services exclusively cater to law firms …

How does Technology Impact the Medical Courier?

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic was enough to understand the underlying weaknesses of the health sector. Some unprecedented challenges include lack of general healthcare services, runaway costs, and inefficiencies. In this situation, a medical courier service delivers pharmaceuticals, time-sensitive laboratory specimens, supplies, and paperwork to hospitals, laboratories, medical facilities, and pharmacies. Nowadays, these services have evolved due to technological advancements to improve service levels. Here are some exciting trends developing in the courier industry. Courier Management Software In the courier industry, technology brings significant …
On-Board Courier

How does an On-Board Courier (OBC) work?

Do you want the fastest and most secure way to move everything from one place to another? You can get the advantage of On Board Courier (OBC) for personalized delivery services. Indeed, it is one of the fastest ways to transport small packages on a scheduled flight. OBC has trained and 24/7 available professionals to satisfy your requirements. Whether it is small automotive parts, confidential documents, or medical samples, they have a worldwide network of professionals. You will get reliable, quick, …
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