How does an On-Board Courier (OBC) work?

On-Board Courier

Do you want the fastest and most secure way to move everything from one place to another? You can get the advantage of On Board Courier (OBC) for personalized delivery services. Indeed, it is one of the fastest ways to transport small packages on a scheduled flight.

OBC has trained and 24/7 available professionals to satisfy your requirements. Whether it is small automotive parts, confidential documents, or medical samples, they have a worldwide network of professionals. You will get reliable, quick, and secure transit of products at your doorstep.

How do onboard courier services work?

A reliable hand carries service provider meets the shippers at a pick-up point. According to shipment details, the product is placed in a suitcase or backpack for secure delivery. To move several large items, the courier may arrive almost 3 to 4 hours in advance at the airport to check in.

The onboard courier service demands the TSA inspection for electronic data storage and valuable items (that may be destroyed by x-ray). Items are carefully weighed, and extra weight and baggage fees are paid. Indeed, it is a time-consuming job because oversized packages should be taken to other counters designed for these items. Sometimes, ticket counters need approval for extra luggage.

On-Board Courier

If a courier has less than 25 pounds of items, they will maintain its custody during the flight by putting it under the seat or in an overhead compartment. Upon arrival, the OBC drives to the delivery location using GPS while keeping both recipient and shipper updated. The shipper will get a notification of delivery, and the courier may ask for the photograph and identity of the receiver.

What happened after delivery?

Once the delivery is done, the courier can roam around for 24 hours before taking a return flight, especially for international flights. During this period, the courier company will bear the rental car and hotel costs. Remember, 24 hours are necessary to avoid blood clots and complications from prolonged sitting.

On board, couriers should receive necessary security training after passing background checks. For this reason, they are dependable people who love to travel. Their main objective is to maintain proper shipment control and deliver it safely to the recipient as soon as possible. Indeed, it is a great solution to prevent losses and customs delays. 

Key Benefits of Hand Courier Services       

In every situation where hand courier service is involved, the carried products have particular demands for security considerations or a short delivery window. The main benefits of onboard courier services include:

  • Accelerated customs clearance
  • Full custody and control of precious items
  • Live status updates from the courier
  • Pick-up before the flight and quick delivery after the flight


Remember, you should not worry about your products after selecting a reliable courier company. They carry products in aircraft after customs declaration through passengers. Once the courier clears customs and immigration procedures, the parcel is ready for delivery. At this stage, you will get a faster and more seamless delivery experience.

Fortunately, it is the fastest and most secure way to avoid the loss of valuable items during custom procedures, which is a huge issue for many customers.

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