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Onboard Courier Services

Apollo Couriers provides a unique “hands-only” service for when minutes really matter. Whether your items are being delivered within the USA or abroad, we will hand carry your critical care shipments from pickup through to delivery assuring a secure and controlled transport of your sensitive materials. Critical deliveries with our professional onboard couriers are customized to each client’s specific requirements to ensure a safe and timely delivery of shipments. All FAA guidelines are strictly followed.

onboard courier services

    What are Apollo’s Onboard Courier Services?

    Onboard courier services, often hand-carry services, are a specialized form of logistics where our dedicated courier physically transports the cargo to its destination. This service is characterized by its personal touch, as an individual courier is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of the package. Key features include:

    • Direct Handling: The pickup maintains constant possession of the shipment from pickup to delivery.
    • Speed: Expedited processing through customs and shorter transit times.
    • Flexibility: Ability to adapt to last-minute changes and route alterations.

    How Our Onboard Courier Services Differ from Standard Courier Services

    Unlike standard courier services that often rely on a network of handlers and multiple transit points, our onboard courier services offer a direct, personalized approach. This method drastically reduces the chances of misrouting or loss, ensuring higher security and reliability.

    Why Our Onboard Courier Services?

    Time-Sensitivity of Shipments

    For time-critical shipments, such as urgent legal documents or life-saving medical supplies, onboard courier services are unparalleled. They minimize delays and ensure delivery within the required timeframe.

    Security and Safety Considerations

    The continuous custody of the shipment by our onboard courier significantly enhances security. This is crucial for high-value or sensitive items.

    Confidentiality and Personal Handling

    Our onboard courier services offer a level of confidentiality that standard courier services can’t match, making them ideal for transporting sensitive information or proprietary items.

    Want to become an onboard courier yourself? Click here.

    Apollo Couriers’ Approach to Onboard Courier Services

    Apollo Couriers distinguishes itself in the onboard courier market through the following:

    • Global Reach, Local Expertise: Offering global services with a deep understanding of local logistics.
    • Customized Solutions: Tailoring services to meet specific client needs.
    • Advanced Technology Integration: Utilizing cutting-edge technology for seamless service delivery.

      How Onboard Courier Services Work

      Step-by-Step Process

      Onboard courier services streamline the delivery process by ensuring a seamless, secure, and swift transfer of goods. This is achieved through a meticulously planned and executed process.

      Coordination and Logistics

      Effective coordination and logistical planning are the backbone of our successful onboard courier services. This involves:

      Initial Contact and Requirement Gathering

        • Client Engagement: Understanding client needs, urgency, and shipment specifics.
        • Assessment: Evaluating the best routes and methods for transportation based on the cargo’s nature and destination.

      Route Planning and Logistics

        • Strategic Routing: Selecting optimal flight routes and connections to ensure the fastest delivery.
        • Logistics Coordination: Arranging for any necessary ground transportation and ensuring all customs and regulatory compliance are met.


      Our execution phase is where the planned logistics come to life.

      Collection and Handling

        • Secure Pickup: Our courier collects the shipment directly, ensuring it’s securely packaged and ready for transit.
        • Continuous Custody: Maintaining unbroken possession of the shipment throughout the journey.

      In-Transit Management

        • Monitoring and Adjusting: Constant monitoring of the transit process, with the flexibility to adapt to any unexpected changes or delays.
        • Safety Assurance: Ensuring the cargo’s safety and integrity during the journey.

      Real-Time Updates and Communication

        • Client Updates: Providing regular, real-time updates to the client about the shipment’s status and location.
        • Responsive Communication: Being available for any client inquiries or concerns during transit.


      The onboard courier service process’s final stage is delivery and confirmation.

      Final Mile Delivery

        • Precision Delivery: Ensuring the shipment reaches the exact specified destination.
        • Personal Handover: The courier hands the shipment, ensuring the appropriate party receives it.

      Confirmation and Follow-Up

        • Proof of Delivery: Providing immediate confirmation and proof of delivery to the client.
        • Feedback and Review: Collect client feedback to improve service quality continually.

      Industry Applications

      Apollo’s onboard courier services cater to various industries, each with its unique requirements.

      Medical and Healthcare

      • Urgent Deliveries: Transport of critical medical supplies, organs for transplant, and life-saving medications.
      • Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to healthcare regulations for the safe and secure transportation of medical items.

      Legal and Financial Documents

      • Confidentiality: Secure transport of sensitive legal documents, contracts, and financial records.
      • Timeliness: Ensuring documents arrive in time for key meetings, court dates, or financial deadlines.

      Automotive and Manufacturing

      • Just-In-Time Delivery: Transportation of essential components to prevent production line stoppages.
      • Prototype Security: Safe delivery of confidential prototypes and designs.

      Global Reach and Capabilities

      Apollo Couriers’ onboard courier services extend globally, offering extensive reach and expertise.

      International Networks

      • Wide Coverage: Leveraging a vast network to deliver to and from anywhere.
      • Local Knowledge: Utilizing local expertise for efficient navigation through different regions.

      Customs and Compliance

      • Seamless Process: Expert handling of customs procedures and documentation.
      • Regulatory Adherence: Ensuring compliance with international trade regulations and laws.

        Apollo Couriers is your premier choice for time-critical, secure, and reliable transportation solutions. Contact us to experience unparalleled onboard courier services tailored to your needs.

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