What Is Last-Mile Delivery?

last-mile delivery

Last-Mile Delivery indicated the last step of supply chain operations when delivery packages are moved to the final destination, customers’ doors. Last-mile courier is typically for home delivery or commercial businesses. 

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And now, in this blog, we will mention what does last-mile delivery means. So, read on if you like to learn more.

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Definition of Last-Mile Delivery

As it was mentioned before, last-mile delivery focuses on the last part of package deliveries. This is when a package transfers from a courier company to a customer’s place or a collection location. The main principle of this type of delivery is to send parcels to users as fast as possible.

Why Last-Mile Logistics Is Important in 2021?

Since evolving delivery services have been essential, last-mile logistics has become a popular area among professional couriers to grow their business.

Therefore, last-mile carriers’ primary focus has been changed because companies must provide exceptional services to build their brand loyalty between their customers.

For example, e-commerce sales have increased 28.8% from 2013 to 2018, which shows the importance of this delivery type. 

No matter what type of delivery industry you are working with, having last-mile services will help you bring more customers to your business. 

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The Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery

By offering last-mile delivery services, courier companies or retailers can provide excellent customer service levels and adapt to the changing environment. This means giving last-mile logistics could bring business loyalty and trust and ensure their customers the high standard of delivery services. 

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Main Steps in the Process of Last-Mile Delivery

To know how last-mile delivery works, you should know the main steps of its process, which include:

1-Order Enters into the System

The first stage of last-mile logistics is when a customer pays for their order, and the supplier confirms the order’s information and starts the fulfillment process. This stage is where everything is confirmed, such as a tracking number and preliminary ETA, and customers wait for delivery updates. 

2-Order Goes to the Transportation Hub

This is where the last-mile delivery process begins. In this step, the transportation hub receives the package, and the order is ready to be delivered to its final destination.

3-Delivery Person Will Be Specified

This stage is after routing the order into the transportation hub when assigned to a delivery driver. One of the most significant steps of last-mile courier is this stage when optimizing the delivery process happens. 

4-Scanning the Order Before Loading to the Delivery Machine

At this stage, orders will be scanned before loading onto the delivery machine. Everything will be checked to ensure there is nothing wrong with the parcels and data. From sender’s information to the recipient of tracking the delivery. 

5-The Order Will Be Delivered 

At this stage, the driver goes to the delivery location and drops off the package. Verifying and confirming that the process has been completed is necessary to complete the delivery steps. 

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